Text Summarization

Summarization isn’t simply about helping you read more quickly. Effective summarization can help you stay on top of a much broader range of information, ensuring you won’t miss critical insights.

1) News Analysis for Market Intelligence - Keeping up with the firehose of information about a sector or portfolio is increasingly complex. Reading, processing, and sharing information is time-consuming, error-prone and labor-intensive.

2) Research Paper Analysis - We systematically reads, organizes, and synthesizes your research work and other textual information, generating configurable summaries, easily shareable with colleagues or clients.

3) Article/Blogs Summary - Be it be Edtech Industry or some oher industry , a very large amount of information is being generated daily. Spend your time on reading things that are worth spending time by knowing a summary of the artciles before reading them.

Question and Answering

Get answersto all your questions and doubts from your Articles/Research Work/Blogs before even reading them just in a click.ask questions from your data given the context.Just Ask and let the machine answer it for you. Experience this cutting-edge AI technology with our API. Submit a document and ask any question from it without reading


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